Correction: Unreal Tournament III on 360 is underway

Nov 16, 2007

Mark Rein has cleared up the current status of Unreal Tournament III on Xbox 360, which he was quoted as sayingearlier this weekhasn't even started production yet.

"What I probably should have said was 'start working on it again'," Rein told Joystiq. "We had the game up and running on all three platforms up until last spring. In fact Official Xbox Magazine came out and played the game for a great cover story they did on it.

"We stopped working on the 360 version so we could concentrate our efforts on shipping the various PC and PS3 versions. Once we get those out of the way, and take some time to enjoy the holidays with our friends and families, we'll start working on the 360 version again."

Rein says there's still a "decent bit" of work to do on the Xbox 360 version, for example Epic still needs to implement Xbox Live into the game and work with Microsoft on how to accommodate mods.

"Unreal Engine 3 is a better engine today on Xbox 360 than it was a year ago and part of that is because of what we've done on PlayStation 3 with UT and the things we're doing with Gears of War on PC," he told CVG in arecent interview.

The PC version is out on November 23, will the PS3 edition is said likely to be out before Christmas as well.

Courtesy of CVG