Cooking Mama: CookStar trailer leaks online, revealing first look at its Nintendo Switch gameplay

(Image credit: Planet Entertainment)

A Cooking Mama: CookStar trailer has leaked online, giving us a better look at the kitchen superstar's upcoming debut for the Nintendo Switch. 

Discovered via a product listing on Dutch store Nedgame, the trailer appeared as an unlisted video on publisher Planet Entertainment's YouTube page. It has since been taken down, but not before several users managed to re-upload the full thing, which you can watch for yourself below. 

According to the trailer, Cooking Mama: Cookstar boasts over 90 recipes to craft, and appears to take advantage of some of Switch's unique features. That's evidenced in the constant rotating, shaking, and flipping motions Cooking Mama uses to the best of her (see: your) ability.

It's worth reiterating that, despite what the trailer suggests, you can't pre-order Cooking Mama: Cookstar just yet, and the website it refers to at the end doesn't even exist, suggesting this video is very much a work in progress that has leaked out far earlier than intended. Hopefully that March 2020 release window hasn't been pushed back, though.

It's been three years since we had a new Cooking Mama game, but before that she was one of the underappreciated juggernauts of the video game industry, cranking out 12 games in 11 years between 2006 and 2017. A lesser writer would make a fast food joke here, but not me. No way. I won't do it. 

For more fun in the kitchen, we recommend Overcooked 2, which appears to be cooking up its own new recipes too.

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