Connery back for Indy 4?

No, we don’t do these just to keep our quota of ‘one Indy story a week’ going… This is Indiana Jones 4. This is important, dammit!

Despite Harrison Ford clamming up whenever the ass-kicking archaeologist’s name was mentioned on his Firewall press tour, he wasn’t so shy when it came to spilling the beans to the BBC’s Jonathan Ross.

The Raider (opens in new tab) reports that Wossy quizzed Ford on the chances of all the hype ever transforming itself into a movie. After a brief stall, Ford replied “99 and three quarter per cent.”

Following up, Ross asked whether Sean Connery would be returning to play Professor Henry Jones, Indiana’s dad, to which Ford declined to comment. “So he’s going to be in it then?” Ross said. Harrison simply laughed.

The internet rumour mill has taken this a sure fire sign that Connery is signing up for what is becoming one of the most anticipated movies of the decade. Keep those peepers trained at for more on Indy 4.

Source: ( The Raider (opens in new tab) )

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