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Company of Heroes Online is free and full of graphics

Today, THQ announced that a free-to-play version of Company of Heroes is scheduled to release this fall. Longtime Company of Heroes fans may remember that Company of Heroes Online was available in China last year. From what we understand, this will the same game localized for North American audiences.

“COHO allows players to create a persistent commander from one of several combat doctrines, including infantry, airborne, and armored to name a few. As players progress, they can upgrade their commander’s special abilities, outfit their troops with unique upgrades, and enlist the aid of Hero units.” explains producer Greg Wilson.

Relic isn’t ready to talk about how micro-transactions and game balance in detail at the moment. But “free upgrades, earned in-game “currency,” and intelligent matchmaking” were mentioned by Wilson as examples of how Relic is hoping to “maintain fun and fair competition.”

Check out the first trailer for the free to download/play version of Company of Heroes, one of the best military RTS series of all time.