Comic-Con 2014: Daniel Radcliffe reveals full Horns trailer

Daniel Radcliffe made his Comic-Con debut with Horns , a twisted horror tragedy based on the novel by Joe Hill.

Despite making his name starring in eight Harry Potter films (a franchise that’s attracted no small fandom), Radcliffe had never been into the convention’s Hall H until today. Horns sees the actor play a young man accused of the rape and murder of his girfriend, and after a night of heavy drinking, he awakes to find that he's sprouting a pair of demonic horns from his forehead.

The audience was treated to the new US trailer for the film, which has now arrived online via MTV, and you can check it out below.

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In addition to the trailer, the panel audience was also shown an extended scene in which Radcliffe convinces a bunch of swarming journalists to duke it out for the chance of an exclusive interview (a scene Radcliffe claims he took no small pleasure in).

That scene also saw him march into a bar for a drink, where we witnessed the effect his newly grown horns have on people who see them: it becomes impossible for them to do anything other than spill their deepest secrets. The bartender admits to wanting to burn his place down for the insurance money (and he does so before the scene’s out), and his patrons reveal their own latent desires. Meanwhile, Radcliffe cuts an increasingly haunted figure, as ‘Personal Jesus’ blares on the soundtrack.

Radcliffe admitted that part of the appeal of Horns was that it defied genre, describing his character as “somebody who’s going through a torrid time in his life and is trying to keep what is left of his humanity around him.”

Hill admitted that he didn’t originally envisage his novel as source material for a film, thinking that it would be too dark and difficult for the screen.

Horns opens in the UK on 29 October.

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