Co-op adventure It Takes Two celebrates one million copies sold

It Takes Two review
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New co-op action-adventure platformer It Takes Two has now sold over one million copies.

"Wow!!! Just found out It Takes Two has sold over one million copies and is still going strong!" said a tweet on the studio's official Twitter account. "Thank you so much for all the love you’ve shown our game, it means the world to us."

Director Josef Fares celebrated the good news on his personal Twitter account, too, and said the co-op game's success proved that there's still plenty of interest in co-op-only titles. 

"This shows that there definitely [are] players that also want to play co-op-only games!" Fares tweeted. "Thank you everyone and I hope we see more games like this."

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If you're still yet to play Hazelight's latest adventure, a special Friend Pass lets you invite anyone to participate in the co-op game, even if they don't actually own It Takes Two. While delving through the game ourselves, we discovered that It Takes Two hides a pretty neat cameo from the protagonist of A Way Out, Hazelight's previous co-op adventure game.

Fares recently said that his studio's next game is "gonna be so crazy".

"If you ask me about our next game, I can tell you now, it will be even better than It Takes Two," the director said in a recent interview. "It's gonna be so crazy. That's how sure I am, like the concept, what's gonna happen, and people will be blown away."

To see if any of Hazelight's games have made it into our co-op Hall of Fame, head over to our guide on the best co-op games for more.

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