CliffyB on keeping Unreal Engine fresh

Sept 19, 2007

BioShock, Mass Effect, Stranglehold... it seems everyone is using Epic's developer-adored Unreal Engine 3 - but how long before the Gears of War engine starts to look a bit dated?

Not any time soon, according to Gears overlord Cliff Bleszinski: "A lot of that comes down to the art department and what their style is, right?" The finely-groomed designer said.

"There's plenty of other ways that people can make an Unreal Engine 3 game look unique and cool. They're only limited by their imagination." And polygons, obviously.

Hyperbole aside, when Unreal Engine 3 finally does begin to slug behind CryEngine 2 and the other jungle-rendering super-engines, Cliffy says Epic will probably make a few modifications to knock it up a gear.

Above: Cliffy puts on his thinking face to answer tough questions like these

"If it ever starts looking dated I guarantee somewhere down the line there's probably going to be some engine updates that are in the queue - we have a bunch of guys always working on stuff."

Cliffy also has some choice words he would like to share aboutBioShock. Look for the full interview on Gears of War for PC shortly.

Courtesy of CVG.