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Classic Gaming Expo gives Vegas some class

Prepare for ranches filled with decently-priced women, funnels you can hurl your savings into, and a drunkengas-gobbling murder-frenzy in the passenger seat of Al Alcorn’s Humvee. Ok, so what if you had to Google Al Alcorn just now to find out he was the mega-celebrity visionary behind the overly-complex and utterly confusing Pong. Your brain willdissolve and leak fromyour hair follicleswhen you arrive at the Riviera Hotel in Vegas on July 28th or 29th.

Because you and possibly Alcorn will be there for this year’s Classic Gaming Expo. You’ll play old things and new things, plus you might have a profound technologicalepiphanywith Steve Wozniakor Jay Smith. They've been known to show their glowing craniums at these retro rituals,and they've gotta be coming this year.Who doesn't like todumpaway money in a Nevada desert?