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Clash of the Titans poster unveiled

Warner Bros have released the first official one-sheet poster for Louis Leterrier's remake of the classic 1981 fantasy movie.

The poster's about as dark and violent as you can possibly get, considering it shows Sam Worthington's Perseus holding aloft Medusa's disembodied head (and tsk, poster-makers, that's a spoiler, you know!). Okay, so there's no blood, but that had to hurt.

It's surprisingly 300 in style, too. What with this and the trailer , we're now certain that this film won't be appealing to the little 'uns in quite the same way as its predecessor.

The original poster art also showed Medusa, only that time she was still in one piece and looming over Harry Hamlin's Perseus and Judi Bowker's Andromeda (who'll be played by The Chronicles of Riddick 's Alexa Davalos in the remake).

The film's released on 26 March here in the UK, so until then we'll just have to wonder how Perseus managed to get the evil Medusa to lose her head.

Does this image whet your appetite, or are you a Pegasus-poster purist? Let us know below...