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Claim an extra $100 credit with these early Black Friday OLED TV deals at Amazon

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Early Black Friday OLED TV deals have been offering record low prices on the entry-level LG A1 for a few weeks now. However, Amazon has just upped the ante, offering an additional $100 credit on the already discounted displays. 

That means you're essentially getting the smallest display available for just $796.99 when taking the additional gift card into account. That's a stunning price drop on the $1,199.99 TV, which only just hit its lowest price ever at $896.99. That price has steadily been dropping since the spring, taking around $100 off every few months. We've never seen a better OLED TV deal on this budget panel, but if you're after a larger size you'll still find more record low prices (and $100 credits) across the range. 

These Black Friday OLED TV deals are also available on the 55-inch version (now $1,096.99, was $1,299) and the 65-inch version (now $1,496.99, was $1,799). However, if you're after the best Black Friday PS5 TV deals, we'd also recommend checking out the C1 line.

While there's no additional credit up for grabs here, we are seeing some all-time lowest prices. The 48-inch model is available for $1,096.99 with a $200 discount, but the most popular model, the 55-incher, is also $200 off at $1,299.

We're rounding up all of these early Black Friday OLED TV deals just below, but you'll also find plenty more early Black Friday QLED TV deals on the shelves if you're after something a little cheaper as well.

Today's best early Black Friday OLED TV deals

LG 48-inch A1 Series OLED TV | $100 credit | $1199.99

LG 48-inch A1 Series OLED TV | $100 credit | $1199.99 $896.99 at Amazon
Save $300 - Not only are you getting the LG A1 for its lowest price ever here, but you'll also find an additional $100 off in the form of an Amazon credit as well. That's an extraordinary early Black Friday OLED TV deal that effectively brings the final price down to $796.99.

55-inch: $1,299 $1,096.99 (plus $100 credit)
$1,799 $1,496.99 (plus $100 credit)

LG C1 48-inch OLED TV | $1,296.99

LG C1 48-inch OLED TV | $1,296.99 $1,096.99 at Amazon
Save $200 - The 48-inch LG OLED C-Series was introduced last year, but 2021 was the first year it offered good value. You're certainly getting a strong offer here, with a $200 discount at Amazon offering up a record low price at $1,096.99 - even though there's no $100 credit available. 

55-inch: $1,499 $1,296.99
$2,499 $1,796.99
$3,799 $2,896.99

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If the offers above don't suit, it's worth noting that many of the best OLED TVs are seeing significant discounts right now. You'll find all the latest early Black Friday OLED TV deals just below.

More of today's best early Black Friday deals

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