Christopher Nolan would "definitely" be interested in turning his films into games

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Ever thought about playing a Tenet video game? Well, that’s not completely out of the question – director Christopher Nolan has revealed that turning his movies into games is something he’d “definitely” be interested in doing.

He doesn’t want to do a movie tie-in game, though. “You don’t want to just be doing a licensed game, you don’t want to just be tying in with something and using the brand established by the film,” he said in a recent interview with video game journalist Geoff Keighley.

“The same way you don’t want, actually when people do adaptations to film from a video game, you don’t want to just draft off the brand,” he said. “You want it to be something great in its own right.”

He added: “I think my time and energy, I’ve wound up devoting it all to film and seeing how difficult that is, it’s not something you’d ever take on lightly but it’s definitely something I’m interested in, it’s an amazing world.”

This isn’t the first time “video games” and “Nolan” have been mentioned in the same sentence recently – three of his movies (Batman Begins, Inception, and The Prestige) were shown in Fortnite’s Party Royale mode earlier this year. Plus, the trailer for his most recent movie, Tenet, premiered in the game

Tenet is out on the small screen now if you want to get your Nolan fix over the holidays. Alternatively, check out our list of the best video games movies to watch over the Christmas break.

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