Christmas Secretlab gaming chair sale: get up to $100 off from now until December 25

Secretlab gaming chair sale
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The Holidays are almost upon us, and you can celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with a Secretlab gaming chair sale for Christmas. With discounts on the brand's most recent and popular seats of up to $100 / £65, it's the perfect opportunity to snap up one (or some) of the best gaming chairs for less.

That's a sizeable discount on such well-respected products, so it's worth considering at the very least. What's more, you're getting money off the brand-new 2020 line of Secretlab Omega and Titan seats. That includes plain and themed versions, including League of Legends and Batman designs, for example. All of them have some money off as part of the Secretlab gaming chair sale.

No matter what you fancy, you have until Christmas Day itself to take advantage of the offer; the Secretlab gaming chair sale runs from December 3 to December 25, 2020

One of the most eye-catching items on sale would have to be the Softweave version of the 2020 Omega chair. It's received a cut of $40 or £30-ish, making it just that little bit more affordable. Because it features a more breathable cover to go with memory foam cushions, it's very much a premium seat.

There's also a discount of $100 / £65 off chairs lined with high-end NAPA leather. While they're more expensive to begin with, they're a more luxurious product. Beyond using "the same material preferred by luxury automobiles and boutique bags, the Secretlab NAPA leather is buttery smooth, supple, and exceptionally cool to the touch."

Want to check out the full Secretlab gaming chair sale? Click on the links below to browse their range.

Secretlab gaming chair deals - US


Secretlab Christmas deals | Save up to $100
You have until December 25 to save up to $100 on top-tier chairs from Secretlab's 2020 line. These are comfortably the best seats Secretlab has to offer, so getting that much off is a bargain. They're also available in a variety of designs, so there's probably something to suit you in there.


Secretlab Omega | $419 $349 at Secretlab
This is one of Secretlab's most popular offerings, and you can now get it for as little as $349. It's a flagship chair and one of the best on the market. Happily, you can save between $100 and $40 on it right now as part of the Christmas sales. You can also grab a unique design ranging from eSports to special branded editions including World of Warcraft. Lovely.


Secretlab Titan | $799 $699 at Secretlab
This is easily one of the most tempting offers - $100 off the Secretlab Titan with extra-comfy NAPA Leather or $40 off the standard PU leather / Softweave. This is one of the best and most renowned gaming chairs on the market, so being able to get it for less is a bargain. At the time of writing, this is a special pre-order deal so you won't get the chair until January, but it's a cracking offer nonetheless.

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Kadell racing style gaming chair | $265 $145.99 at Walmart
This may not have the biggest of brand names attached, but if you're looking for the epitome of budget gaming chairs, you can't go wrong with this one from Kadell. With almost a hundred bucks off at Walmart, it's a great shout for a Christmas present.


AKRacing Core Series EX | $329 $260.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy have a myriad of AKRacing gaming chairs on sale for Christmas, but the best-selling one is the all-black Core Series EX. You can get $74 off this classic brand with a 180-degree recline. If you fancy the half-red, half-black variant, that one is just a few bucks more, with $66 off.


Staples Essentials Mesh Back | $130 $59.99 at Staples
Not quite a gaming chair by our definitions, but if you can sit on it and play games at the same time, then why not? This is great if you're after something super basic and don't want your setup to look too gamer-y. This one has $70 off in blue, black, or light gray.

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Secretlab gaming chair deals - UK


Secretlab Christmas deals | Save up to £65
You can pick up your own Secretlab chair for a little bit less this Christmas thanks to a sale that runs from December 3 - 25. The Omega and Titan ranges with a variety of designs are currently discounted, so take a look if you're in need of a new setup.


Secretlab Omega Three Lions | £379 £344 at Secretlab
We have to be clear that the Three Lions variant isn't the only design of the Secretlab Omega on offer, but (if you're English) why not be patriotic ahead of the 2021 Euros starting next summer? It's a clean style, although you can get it even cheaper (£314) if you're willing to pre-order with a more basic colour scheme.


Secretlab Titan Stealth | £399 £364 at Secretlab
On the Titan side of things, you can get the stylish Stealth version of the chair at £35 off. This has bronze accents and is one of the seats with the nearest shipping dates, so a great one to go for if you're in need of a gaming chair quickly.

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Noblechairs Hero ST | £350 £269.99 at Overclockers UK
Noblechairs is another well-known brand for having premium quality gaming chairs, and the Hero ST has a whopping £80 off for Christmas. This is the limited edition anthracite version, so has a stunning all-black finish, brand new for 2020.

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If you want a place to start, we'd recommend the Secretlab Omega. As we said during our Secretlab Omega 2020 review, it is "the most versatile gaming chair on the market." That makes it ideal for a long gaming session or a day at work. Because many of the designs are subtle, they'll fit in pretty much anywhere without causing a stir.

If these don't capture your attention, don't forget to check out the Razer Iskur or the Respawn Specter. They're great alternatives and some of the best in the business. Fingers crossed that they also get some price cuts over the next few weeks.

If you need a new screen to go with your chair, be sure to check out the best gaming monitors. Or if you want a console-focused chair check out the best gaming chair for PS4 and Xbox. On the hunt for gifts, meanwhile? Don't forget to check in with the best board games and the must-have board games for families.

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