Chris Evans reckons his Marvel co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson should be the next Bond

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train
(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

Marvel's Chris Evans has shared who he thinks should be the next James Bond, and it's someone he's worked with before. While promoting his new spy flick Ghosted, the actor told WIRED that he'd like to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson take over from Daniel Craig as 007.

During one of the publication's Autocomplete interviews, where famouses answer the internet's most searched questions, his co-star Ana de Armas has to clarify whether she was a Bond girl or not. Of course, she states that she was, having had a small role in No Time to Die.

WIRED then asked De Armas and Evans whether they have someone who they'd want to be play Bond, to which Evans joked, "I'll do it... I thought you were gonna say the next Bond girl. No, I'm a big Aaron Taylor-Johnson guy." People have been backing Taylor-Johnson's casting in the long-running franchise for a while, but his performance in the Brad Pitt-led action-comedy Bullet Train really amplified the hype. 

Streaming now on Apple TV Plus, Ghosted centers on Cole, an ordinary guy who gets the surprise of his life when he realizes that Sadie, the girl he's into, is actually a secret agent. Before they can decide on a second date, the pair are swept up in a dangerous international adventure to save the world. Dexter Fletcher directs, while Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers wrote the script.

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