Chlo Grace Moretz on Hit-Girls potty-mouth in Kick-Ass 2

Inside issue 208 of Total Film magazine , we go on set of hotly-anticipated have-a-go-hero sequel Kick-Ass 2 , as part of our celebration of the coolest rebels in movies.

You can read the full behind-the-scenes feature inside the issue (which is available for hard-to-turn-down price of just £1.99 on your iPad ), but here’s a taster of what Chloë Grace Moretz had to say about her character Mindy Macready (and her sweary alter ego Hit-Girl) in this installment…

“In the first one, you saw a lot more Hit-Girl than you did Mindy,” Moretz told us. “I think you saw Mindy two times in the whole story. But in this movie, you see way more of Mindy than you do of Hit-Girl. You see this young girl struggling with who she is.”

But judging by the red band trailer – with her cry of “Game on, cocksuckers!” – Hit-Girl is still very much integral to the plot, though Moretz balked at the idea that her character is a potty-mouth. “In the last film, I only cussed six times in the movie - I counted! – but each time was really pivotal and it really meant something. And in this film it’s the same – it’s not like she just drops it all the time because she’s older.

“She only uses it when she’s Hit-Girl. She doesn’t use it when she’s Mindy.”

Kick-Ass 2 opens in the UK on 14 August 2013.

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