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Chibi Robo Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by little hints

    Free Ranger Locations

    1. Jenny's room, dancing at the mirror
    2. In the Parent's bedroom on one of the hanging lights
    3. In the kitchen - under the table on the glass

  • GameCube | Submitted by None of your buisnees

    Easy Happy Points

    At night use the chibi radar to find a certain spot on the floor in the living room. when it starts beeping red go on that spot and take out your spoon. Hit it on the ground once and Mr. Prongs will appear. Keep on hitting the spoon until he is full and he will give you 33-97 happy points. Leave the room or turn off the game and you can repeat the process.

  • GameCube | Submitted by CinnabonChibi


    Once Mrs.Sanderson locks herself in her room go into Jenny's room at night and then talk to her with the frog suit. She clues you to buy the Radar. Buy it, pick up all the weeds outside and then use the radar. Aliens come down and then buy the Ear Chip. Use the radar again to understand the aliens. Bring the aliens to Giga-Robo then you can go on their ship.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Chibi-Robo Freak

    Three Kinds of Pajamas

    When Mrs. Sanderson offers to make you something she`ll say there is no fabric that she can use. There are three different pieces of old clothing that you can find in the bedroom. The easiest one to get is the old boxers that have light blue circles and triangles on it. They are under the Sandersons bed. Second, there is a small handkerchief that you can get by climbing up to the place where there is the record player. Use the chibi copter to fly horizontally to get over to the platform. Then fly off the platform to a small table next to the Sandersons bed. Climb up onto some books and you will find the handkerchief. Third, there is an outdated scarf that you will need the bedroom bridge utilibot to get. The scarf is up on a very high shelf. From the same platform you use to get to the small handkerchief, look to the right and you will see two more platforms. Go onto the 2nd platform to the right, and you will see a thin piece of string. Climb up the string to get higher. Once you are up, to the left there is an edge, to the right there is a wire. Use the chibi copter to float down onto a small lamp under the wire, then climb up the wire all the way and to the left there will be the bridge utilibot. Set the bridge to go as far as it can go and then go across the bridge. Use the chibi copter to float down to the outdated scarf as you will be right on top of the shelf.

  • GameCube | Submitted by stickers

    Great Peekoe

    Go to the basement at night and you'll see a four armed toy. Talk to her say yes when you do she will ask for moolah. Give her $900 and you will get $1800. You have to say no, no, yes, yes, yes.

Chibi Robo Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by Anonymous

    Telly Sticker

    In the foyer, on the corner of the carpet, you will find something to sit on. Press A and Chibi will sit down without wasting power. Telly will come and say to get up. Don't, and he will say something interesting. Repeat this over and over again and eventually, you will get his sticker.
    (NOTE: This only works once a day.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Chibi

    Sophie Sticker

    When Tao's not around, get in the Tao or Ghost suit and pose. She will pass out. You will get the Sophie sticker.

    (NOTE: She is NOT dead. To wake her up, come back some other day.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Luigi's Da Bomb98!!!


    1. Chibi Copter- You start off with it.
    2. Toothbrush- At night on the floor near the couch (Living room). 3. Chibi blaster- Buy it at the Chibi PC for 1,110 moolah. 4. Mug- Climb up to the top of the counter & take it (kitchen). 5. Spoon- Buy the utilibot for the kitchen & climb up. Now hover into a litte container.
    6. Squirter- Go to Jenny's room (upstairs) & climb a little rope to be on the table. Now get it.
    7. Chibi Radar- After mom starts locking her self in her room at night talk to her. You can now buy it at the Chibi PC for1,730 moolah.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Alex Budinoff


    Drake Redcrest suit- talk to Drake during the first night;he'll give you his suit and teach you how to pose.

    Frog suit- to get the frog suit find the squirter and spray the frog in the backyard with water. this suit lets you talk to animals.

    Tao suit- finish the army training and after the rangers go AWOL talk to captian plankbeard in the basment and dig up his ship in the backyard at night then get the AWOL rangers to work for plankbeard then do more army training and they will give you the Tao suit.

    Pajamas- when Mrs. Sanderson locks her self in her room go in through the peephole talk to her then take the love letter to Mr. Sanderson then go back into the room and talk to her again she will offer to make you something bring her the old boxers under the bed in a few days go back to her and get your pajamas.

    Trauma suit- get this suit by running out of battery Telly will bring you back to your house and you will be waring it (NOTE you will lose some money.)

    Ghost suit- when waring the trauma suit press Z and you will fall down don't move and you will be back at your house waring it.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Anonymous

    Dog/Tao Suit

    Ok, just like the frog suit, you have to earn the dog suit. In order to get this particular suit, you HAVE to complete six Free Ranger Training missions. After you complete six missions, you'll be awarded with the Dog/Tao Suit. Now go try and talk to Tao.