New Machinima app coming exclusively to Xbox One

Microsoft has announced a new Machinima app coming exclusively to Xbox One when the console launches on November 22. It will take advantage of the console’s Snap mode, enabling gamers to do two things at once on the same screen. Saying “Xbox, Snap Machinima” while playing a game will bring up the app on the right hand of the screen, providing access to game walkthroughs, reviews and more.

Available for select Xbox One games, the Machinima app’s ‘Wingman’ feature will let players watch walkthrough videos while they continue playing, or on the full-screen if they pause the game. See how it works in action with Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 in the video above. A Machinima experience for SmartGlass will also launch on November 22, providing users with access to second screen content on smartphones and tablets.