Check out every game featured in the March 17 Nintendo Indie live stream

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The March 17 Nintendo Indie live stream showed off a ton of great new indie titles, including some console exclusives like Exit the Gungeon. We also got a chance to see the latest game from the team behind No Man's Sky - the somber and beautiful The Last Campfire, due out sometime this summer. 

Whatever your preference, there's probably a game in here for you, so check out the complete list of what was featured in the March 17 Nintendo Indie stream. What are you most excited about?


Release Date: Summer 2020, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive

This action-adventure RPG from Italian studio Naps Team is full of eccentric and silly characters done in the style of a Studio Ghibli film, so if you're an anime fan, this one's for you. In Baldo, you'll complete puzzles and make your way through dungeons in a big, interactive open world. 


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Release Date: Late 2020, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive

B.ARK stands for "bio-interstallar ark" and it's a side-scrolling couch co-op that lets you and your friends team up to play as pugs, cats, bunnies, and bears looking to save the solar system. In B.ARK, you'll be able to combine and upgrade ship abilities, collect coins, and defeat enemies with your friends and family by your side. It's animal astronauts, need I say more?

Blair Witch

Release Date: Summer 2020

Bloober Games' take on the iconic Blair Witch story will head to Nintendo Switch this summer, so you can take fear on the go. Head deep into the woods in search for a lost young boy with nothing but an early aughts cellphone, a flashlight, and your dog Bullet by your side. Prepare for scares.

Blue Fire

Release Date: Summer 2020, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive

This dark, haunting 3D platformer will have you exploring mystical temples and taking on strange quests in a world that has long been forgotten. You'll run into "peculiar" survivors who will help you find valuable collectibles as you navigate the world and get comfortable with the game's movement style and hack-and-slash combat. 

Bounty Battle

Release Date: Summer 2020

Originally for PC, this hero brawler will drop on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 later this summer. Pit your favorite indie heroes from games like Owlboy, Dead cells, and Darkest Dungeon against each other in a frenzy of fighting.

Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse: Part 1

Release Date: Summer 2020, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive

"Nobody likes you, school sucks, you can't find a prom date, everybody bullies you (including your teachers) and your attempts to help only make things worse." Did someone pull a game idea from my high school diary? In Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse: Part 1, you'll play as Coop McCAathy and you're just trying to make things better. The game world is just like the animated cartoon for which the game is named, but with dialogue, unlockable costumes, and more.

Dicey Dungeons

Release Date: Later in 2020

The rogue-like deck building game is coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile sometime this year. You'll become a gigantic walking dice and have to make your way through ever-changing dungeons.

Eldest Souls

Release Date: Summer 2020, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive

Boss-rush gameplay meets combat customization in this Souls-like game set in a dark fantasy world. Eldest Souls tasks you with slaying ancient Gods, exploring a mysterious Citadel, and unlocking various talents and abilities to help take on ancient enemies. 

Exit the Gungeon

Release Date: Out now, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive

The sequel to the excellent Enter the Gungeon is out for Nintendo Switch right now and it's translated the game into 2D stages. You'll encounter familiar guns, enemies, and art styles in this dungeon crawler, with perilous elevator fights and ever-changing weapons. Ascend to escape the collapsing dungeon and dodge roll your way out of danger.


Release Date: Spring 2020

This strategic card battler was originally a mobile game, but it's coming for Nintendo Switch in the near future. Build your own deck to shape the battlefield and gain a victory over your opponents. There's over 100 hours of solo content, plus co-op missions, and puzzles galore.

Ghost of a Tale

Release Date: Spring 2020

This action RPG originally released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC will hit Nintendo Switch this spring. In it, you'll play Tilo, a mouse and minstrel who gets roped into a dangerous adventure in order to find out the fate of his true love. You'll need to use stealth, agility, and disguises to make your way through a kingdom ruled by rats.

I Am Dead

Release Date: Later in 2020, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive

Annapurna Interactive is bringing the team behind Hohokum's puzzle adventure game to the Nintendo Switch before anything else. Explore the afterlife in brilliant technicolor with an X-Ray Vision puzzle mechanic that will help you discover secrets of the land of the dead. 

Moving Out

Release Date: April 28 for Nintendo Switch and other platforms

What's more fun than moving? For the silly characters you embody in Moving Out, literally nothing. This couch co-op is like Overcooked but with fragile furniture, and as GamesRadar+ saw at PAX East, it's a wildly fun time. You can play alone or locally with friends on more than 50 levels across three different modes. There's a free demo out now for the Switch, so check it out for yourself.

PixelJunk Eden 2

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Release Date: Summer 2020, Nintendo Switch exclusive

PixelJunk Eden 2 is a beautifully psychedelic sequel where you play as a Grimp trying to save your fellow Grimps. You'll need to collect pollen and grow gardens back into full bloom, and each stage generates based on your actions as a player. It's a completely immersive sensory experience, and you can play it alone or with a friend via local multiplayer.

Quantum League

Release Date: Later in 2020

Quantum League is a FPS that originally dropped on Xbox One, PS4, and PC back in 2018. In this time-paradox shooter you'll battle within a time loop, teaming up with your past and future selves in online 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Choose from six different characters to play and unlock new outfits as you evolve. 

Sky Racket

Release Date: Out now

A Switch version of this genre-blended game dropped during the Nintendo Indie presentation, so you can try it out right now if it interests you. Sky Racket is a blend of shoot-'em-ups and block breakers, in which you'll have to make your way through pixel art levels with your laser tennis racket. You can also play Sky Racket as a co-op game with friends to help you get through the hordes of fluffy enemies.

Summer in Mara

Release Date: Spring 2020, timed Nintendo Switch exclusive 

Customize your very own island and explore the open ocean in Summer of Mara. You'll be able to visit over 20 other islands, plant crops, tend to farm animals, and more in this farming adventure. There are over 300 quests you can partake in that will help make Mara a better place and over 25 characters to meet and befriend. A truly tropical, feel-good experience.


Release Date: Summer 2020

The puzzle game is heading to Switch this summer, so prepare to have your mind blown, as Superliminal uses gameplay elements centered around optical illusions and forced perspective. 

The Good Life

Release Date: Later in 2020

You're a journalist from New York who heads to a town in the English countryside called Rainy Woods, a cherry town that has a bizarre secret. On nights with a full moon, the townsfolk turn into dogs and cats. Sounds like my kind of village. You're a journalist, so you'll have to snap pics and upload them to earn money and help solve a murder. Don't worry, you'll get a chance to transform into a cat or dog, too.

The Last Campfire

Release Date: Summer 2020

The latest game from Hello Games, the studio behind No Man's Sky, is here. You play as Ember in this beautiful, somber game, and you have to find your way home. Find hope and bring it with you as you journey to light the last campfire and encounter other lost souls.


Release Date: Spring 2020

The strategy card game is heading to Switch, bringing with it bird enthusiasm and wildlife preserves. In Wingspan, you'll compete against up to five players to build up your own nature preserve in a limited number of turns - with each bird you draw you'll extend a chain of combinations in a habitat, which in turn focuses on an aspect of growth in your preserves like laying eggs or gathering food.

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