Discover how Moving Out wrings co-op camaraderie from stressful life events in PAX East showcase

Moving house is famously considered one of the most stressful life events a human can experience; paperwork, legal fees, back-breaking labour... you get the idea. 

Moving Out, the game, however, has different ideas. Taking unashamed inspiration from the Overcooked series (its being published by Overcooked devs Team 17), SMG Studio is turning the process of house removals into the stage setting for comedic co-op carnage. 

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As evidenced by our recent hands-on at PAX East, viewed above and complete with commentary from SMG founder Ashley Ringrose, Moving Out is an absolute delight, allowing up to four players to make a house the complete opposite of a home - lifting furniture, completing objectives, and generally slapping each other senseless.

Moving Out features tons of playable characters, a complete campaign, and an entire suit of accessibility options to make sure everyone is able to partake in the removal-based revelry. 

The game hits PC and console next month, on April 28, but - until then - check out our full 15 minutes of gameplay above, and enjoy what can only be best described as two GamesRadar staff members turning someone's beloved abode into an active warzone. 

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