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Cheap PC deals alert: save a bunch of cash and get some great value desktops in this Dell sale

Cheap PC deals alert: save a bunch of cash and get some great value desktops in this Dell sale
(Image credit: Dell)

It's the mid-year season of deals, and a Dell PC sale is joining the 4th of July sales party. While we like a good gaming bargain here at GamesRadar+, this particular group of offers goes beyond just that function, and there's a few more home or work-focused machines that prove great value too. So if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful or a good value gaming machine then you may well find it here.

As we said, we like a gaming machine, and we think the best value machine going is a Vostro 5000 desktop centred around a GTX 1660Ti graphics card. This desktop PC also features an i7-9700 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. For all intents and purposed, that's a gaming PC build hiding inside a home PC chassis. It's got a decent price tag of $1,139.

For something in the middle of the PC spectrum but for a bargain price, and if you're looking for something that's great for everyday use and won't break the bank, then a Vostro Small Desktop for just $509 is right up your street. It's got perfect, compact home machine written all over it, from its compact case, to its i5-9400 processor - which is good going for a little PC, really.

The very cheapest PC going in this range is not to be sniffed at either, though: you can get a Vostro Desktop Tower with 4GB of RAM, an i3 processor, and a 1TB HDD for the princely sum of just $389. It won't knock your socks off, but it just goes to prove that you could get something like this as a competent home PC for only a few beans, and keep it for home tasks, and also direct some funds to a gaming setup elsewhere.

Dell PC sale

Dell Vostro 5000 desktop PC | i7-9700 CPU | GTX 1660Ti GPU | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,139 at Dell
A pretty good deal for a gaming machine that'll have you enjoying all the latest and greatest at decent - albeit non ray-traced - levels. If you're looking to get a PC into your home for everyday work and home use that can then easily become a go-to gaming setup, then this is a great choice. Note: this deal runs until July 23rd.View Deal

Dell Vostro 3000 Small desktop PC | i5-9400 CPU | 8GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $509 at Dell
Its integrated graphics will be able to do a bit of work for very, very light gaming, but that isn't what this machine is about. It's a solid home or work PC that'll chomp through home and work tasks simply and easily. Note: this deal runs until July 23rd.View Deal

Dell Vostro 3000 desktop PC | i3-9100 CPU | 4GB RAM | 1TB HDD | $389 at Dell
Even cheaper, and maybe even more cheerful, is this lean 3000 machine. It's not got much to shout about but it'll sure be a good solid workhorse for home use. Note: this deal runs until July 23rd.
View Deal

These span the spectrum but all will be worth it for work and some play. Plus, they are from a trusted manufacturer, and they will have a minimum one year warranty.

If you want to see your other options for gaming-focused PCs, check out our take on the best gaming PCs going. If you prefer your gaming powerhouse portable, head on over to the best gaming laptops here.

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