Chaos reigns as new Hollow Knight Silksong store page found on April 1 of all days, Xbox marketing exec says it's not a joke

Hollow Knight
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April Fools' Day just would not be complete without some sort of kerfuffle over Hollow Knight: Silksong, and while it's already April 2 in the Australian home of developer Team Cherry, we suddenly have an Xbox Store page for Silksong.

It's unclear exactly when this Xbox Store page went live, but Xbox product marketing manager Tao Sila posted a link on Twitter saying, "No this isn't an April Fools' joke. The Hollow Knight: Silksong wishlist page really is up on Xbox." Xbox's senior content planning manager Nick Zuclich also tweeted about the store page. Yes, really, this is happening today of all days. 

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You can go and browse Reddit yourself if you want to celebrate or commiserate with your fellow Hollow Knight fans, but before you get wrapped up in the chaos any new movement gives this long-suffering fandom, remember this: Silksong already had store pages on Steam, PlayStation, and Switch for ages, and it's just this Xbox listing that's new.

The Xbox listing does, however, include something new in the form of the game's ESRB rating. This E10+ age rating is no surprise - it's the same as the rating for the original game - but a final rating typically (though not always) comes within the last few months before a game's launch. It's also worth noting that final rating details for Silksong are not yet available on the official ESRB website. Handle this information responsibly, people. 

We've already gotten our annual Hollow Knight: Silksong reassurance (or copium) that the Metroidvania sequel is "still in development" after going MIA for two years. 

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