C&C 3: Kane lives?

A "big announcement" is planned for Command %26amp; Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars this August, as the next-gen strategy sequel's multiplayer mode goes on show during the Leipzig games event. Producer Mike Verdu says the announcement will "mean a lot to Command %26amp; Conquer fans" - could this spell the return of series villain Kane?

Kane was the leader of the NOD faction throughout many of the C%26amp;C games, even though he was supposedly blasted to atoms at the end of the original Command %26amp; Conquer, also known as Tiberium Dawn. The ruthless bald terrorist was resurrected for Command %26amp; Conquer: Tiberium Sun, and would certainly be a big pull for fans if he were to reappear in EA's latest C%26amp;C offering.

Above: The end of the original Command %26 Conquer, AKA Tiberium Dawn, saw Kane obliterated by a GDI laser

Verdu mentioned the "big announcement" during a recent podcast, which also featured lead designer Jason Bender. Forums are already creaking under the sheer weight of fanboy speculation around C%26C 3, mainly focused on the mysterious third race hinted at by the game's first trailer.

The resounding hope from fans is that Kane will lead this new, extraterrestrial faction, which will reportedly have an "interesting, unique and tactical" use of the world-eating Tiberium crystals, meaning that players will want to be "very close to Tiberium when using their units", say Verdu and Bender. We'll be hunting out new info on Tiberium Wars to bring you updates real soon.

July 31, 2006