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Cayde-6's cape is still hanging in the tower in Destiny 2: Forsaken and no, you're crying

Destiny 2: Forsaken did something we never thought was possible - kill Cayde-6. The character has always been a huge staple of the Destiny franchise since the first game launched back in 2014, proving comic relief to even the most apocalyptic of situations. The entire storyline of Forsaken is based around you hunting down the Barons that were responsible for Cayde's death, and boy is it a powerful narrative. 

Well, just to make things just a little bit more emotional, it turns out that Cayde's signature cape is still around as a little memorial. Eagle-eyed Reddit users spotted the clock draped over the back wall of Amanda Holliday's shipyard in the Tower. What a tear jerking little tribute. 

Check it out:

Killing off Cayde-6 marked a big change in tone for Destiny 2. Fans wanted a return to the darker tones of the original game, and Bungie has definitely delivered that with Forsaken. Less of a jolly old jaunt around the solar system, more revenge, bloodlust and awesomely powerful weaponry. 

It was quite the move though. Cayde's presence was always felt in the tower, especially with his weekly hidden chest missions and general witty bants. We might have a couple of new faces in the Tower nowadays, but I still miss Cayde. It's nice to see that other characters do too. #RIPCayde

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