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Captain Hollisters coming to the Weekender!

McDonald is an honest to goodness genre veteran. Born in Long Island New York in 1949, where he developed his distinctive American twang, he’s starred in dozens of films and TV shows since his uncredited debut in dystopian classic Rollerball, and lent his voice to SF games like Second Sight and Timesplitters: Future Perfect. He'll also be appearing in upcoming horror sequels The Descent Part 2 and Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead.

He’ll always be best known as the unfortunate Captain of the Red Dwarf, dying along with the rest of the crew (except Lister of course) in a radiation leak during the very first episode of series one. He reprised the role for series eight of the classic British sitcom (which we take an in-depth look at in the latest issue of SFX, 189) after being resurrected by an army of nano-bots. He also appears briefly in the Special Edition of Aliens as the unfortunate Commander of terraforming colony LV-426, dying along with the rest of the base when… erm you get the picture.

So be sure not to miss out on the Mac action. VIP passes are long gone but there are other tickets available for an unmissable weekend of celebrity signings, panel discussions, live comedy exclusive screenings and a whole load more. It’s all about bringing like-minded people together to enjoy sci-fi, structured around four huge pillar events, so there’ll be something for everyone! The enchanting Imaginarium funfair, the sweeping Maskerade Ball, the fiendish Blastermind quiz and the epic SFX Awards Show 2010. For all the essential information, and to book tickets, head to now!