Captain Avalon confronts Saturnyne in X-Force #14 'X of Swords' preview - spoilers

X-Force #14
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As Marvel Comics' X-Men centric 'X of Swords' crossover nears its conclusion, the publisher has released a preview of some of artist Joshua Cassara's pages from X-Force #14, the next chapter in the saga, which follows up on what happened in the previous chapter, Wolverine #7.

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In that issue, several duels took place between Arakko and Krakoa, with Wolverine killing Summoner, and winning a fight against War – though in both cases, manipulation by Saturnyne led to Arakko gaining points in the tournament than Krakoa.

In typical 'X of Swords' fashion, the solicitation text for X-Force #14 reads simply "Chivalry gives way to fury. A knight must kneel."

Series writer Benjamin Percy, who co-writes X-Force #14 with Gerry Duggan, provides Newsarama with some insight into X-Force's role in 'X of Swords,' which may shed more light on what's to come.

"The Swordbearers of Arakko aren't messing around," the writer explains. "They're more than worthy opponents, and you're going to see some of your favorite mutants up against the ropes."

"X-Force is an institution of violence but also bureaucracy. It's made for saner, more stable times than these. Everything is on pause—when it comes to the standard machinations of Krakoa—because we're talking about a bridging and warring of worlds," Percy continues.

"The swordbearers are the ones who take center stage. It's up to them to defend not just the mutant nation, but Earth. All the X-men teams are on hold, in other words, merged and replaced by one team: those who must fight for the fate of mutantkind."

Here's a gallery of pages and covers.

X-Force #14 goes on sale on November 18.

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