Capcom is hosting a Spotlight showcase next week, and fans are getting their wishlists ready

Resident Evil 4 remake
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Capcom is hosting a Spotlight showcase next week, and fans are sharing what they hope to see.

2023 is certainly shaping up to be a busy year for showcases. Last month Nintendo held its first Direct presentation of the year, and Sony swiftly followed this up with a State of Play. Then just last week, in celebration of Pokemon Day, The Pokemon Company had a livestream dedicated to those oh-so-lovable pocket monsters. Now it's Capcom's turn to wow us with its virtual wares. 

Capcom has announced it'll be holding its very own "Spotlight" livestream event next week on March 9. According to the company's official site, the event will feature around 26 minutes of updates and new information on its upcoming games. The Capcom Spotlight kicks off at 2:30PM PT / 5:30PM ET / 10:30PM GMT. There will also be a pre-show which begins at 2:10PM PT / 5:10PM ET / 10:10PM GMT. 

We've already got a good idea of what to expect as Capcom has mentioned a number of the titles that will be in attendance, including the Resident Evil 4 remake, Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Rise, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. 

With nearly half an hour's worth of content, there's still plenty of room for Capcom to throw a few surprises our way, and fans are already speculating about what else the Japanese company could have planned. Some think we'll get our first glimpse of Dragon's Dogma 2. Given that the surprise sequel was announced during the RPG's 10th-anniversary event in June last year, and we've had no information since, they may very well be right.

Meanwhile, many are hoping for news on Capcom's strange sci-fi action offering Pragmata, which, last we heard, was launching sometime this year. Others think it oddly suspicious that Street Fighter 6 hasn't been mentioned, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't be shown. Then there are those who hope Capcom has some retro treats in store, "I just want a Megaman Legends collection. A man can dream, can't he?" says one fan on Reddit. Another writes, "I would absolutely kill for an HD remaster of the original RE1-3."

You can find out if any of these wishes come true by tuning into the Capcom Spotlight showcase via Capcom's YouTube and Twitch channels.

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