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"Can she also please direct Star Wars 9?" – Patty Jenkins is officially directing Wonder Woman 2, and fans couldn't be happier

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We knew it was coming, but it’s nice to finally have it rubber-stamped: Patty Jenkins is officially the director of Wonder Woman 2 (via EW). Slated for a December 13, 2019 release (check out every upcoming DCEU movie until 2020 here), Jenkins also gets a bumper pay-rise to make her the highest-paid female director of all time.

Wonder Woman 2, which apparently sees Diana rocking out in the ‘80s, follows on from the original Wonder Woman being a box-office hit. Just the $800m added to the coffers at Warner Bros...

What does the internet think of that? It says a lot about Patty Jenkins’ stature in the biz that it’s nearly universal praise across the board. But don’t just take my word for it; here’s a look at the weird and wonderful reactions to the news that Patty Jenkins is back for Wonder Woman 2, from religious iconography to pleas to direct Star Wars Episode 9. Never stop being you, internet.

Let's start with some light blasphemy

First the world, next a galaxy far, far away?

And why not Justice League and Batgirl too? MAKE ALL THE MOVIES

Can he *do* that?

Elsewhere, things are getting a wee bit emotional

Jessica Chastain agrees...

...even if some aren't so keen on the sequel. Sad face.

Finally, bathe yourself in greatness

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