Calls for Diablo 4 single-player intensify following DDoS attack and lengthy downtime

Diablo 4
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Calls for an offline single-player option for Diablo 4 are intensifying after a recent DDoS attack led to some lengthy downtime.

Players were left unable to play Diablo 4 for several hours over the weekend following a DDoS attack, and as the action-RPG is 'always online', even those wanting to play single-player couldn't do so whilst the servers were down.

This has led to a feeling of Déjà vu among players over on the Diablo 4 subreddit who found themselves in the very same boat 11 years ago when Diablo 3 launched, and they're just as unhappy about being forced to play online now as they were back then.

Posted this 11 years ago, sadly still relevant from r/diablo4

"Give the people offline mode!" pleads one Diablo 4 fan in the comments. Another writes: "I paid for the game. It can be played single-player. That is the ONLY interest I have. But nope, gotta be online."

Others who like to fly solo in Diablo 4 are also venting their frustration on Twitter. "I just want to play single-player. I hate this forced online crap!" says @dolphinmagi. "We should be able to play Diablo 4 offline single-player. This is why I hate this always online bulls***," writes an equally ticked-off @statesminds. Also miffed by Blizzard's decision to have Diablo 4 always require an internet connection is @T0mBucha, who says: "Diablo 4 DDoS attack is a clear message that the game NEEDS A SINGLE PLAYER OPTION."

Fortunately, the servers appear to be up and running again for now. In a tweet posted yesterday, Blizzard said, "The DDOS attacks that we were monitoring have ended," and players on the Diablo 4 subreddit say they've been able to log in without any problems. Still, with no offline option in sight, it seems that Diablo 4 fans will have no choice but to wait it out whenever this sort of situation arises.

Server issues aside, Diablo 4 is a joy to play. "Sharp refinements to combat, gear, and loot systems make this one of the best action-RPGs in years," we said in our Diablo 4 review. "And the expressive open world shows there's still room for Blizzard to expand on the core Diablo concept."

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