Call of Duty: World at War - Death Card Guide


Effect: Get three kills in five seconds and you be momentarily rewarded with Rage mode. You’ll be invincible, but armed with only the knife.

Location: Breaking Point

Having taken out the first two mortars, head up the stairs and take care of the third. Just beyond that, on the right side if you’re facing Shuri Castle, there’s a small shack with a Death Card nestled in it.


Effect: Shots won’t draw blood, but will instead splatter paint. Oh the humanity.

Location: Heart of the Reich

An easy one. Right after the opening cinema, sprint to the symmetrical subway tunnel on your left. Lo, an unguarded Death Card!

Card #13: VICTORY

Effect: Real war mode – limited HUD, friendly-fire is on, and you’ll bleed out in half the time. You’ve earned it.

Location: Downfall

Take the staircase up into the theater hallways, you’ll take a right then a left. But instead of making the next left, look to the right for a darkened room. Here be the last Death Card.

Nov 12, 2008

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