Resistance 2 Complete Briefcase Guide

It might be that you’re only missing that lone tough one in Chapter 4 or maybe you haven’t even begun to search. Either way, our video guide is the solution to your briefcase related problems. For all other problems we suggest checking the Resistance 2cheat page.

We have the cases listed in the order they appear in the game, not the order they’re numbered. For example, in the Prologue you find briefcase two before briefcase one. The order of the list can help you realize if you’ve gone too far or you’re not far enough. And, yes, we know how to count.


Briefcase # 2

After Daedalus escapes, go into the containment room. Instead of following the Major up the broken ramp, take the other one. The second ramp takes you around room and straight to the briefcase.

Briefcase # 1

Towards the end of the prologue, you’ll follow the Major over a destroyed bridge. Then he’ll enter a trench and turn right, while yelling at you to follow him. Don’t listen. Instead, go straight ahead through the trench to pick up briefcase one.

Chapter 1

Briefcase # 6

Cross the first pool of Furies and enter the long hallway on the other side of it. Fight your way to the second door on the right and enter the small room. You’ll find briefcase six on the floor of this room.

Briefcase # 5

In the moon pool room you have two flood locks to seal. When sealing the one on your right (when you enter the room), pick up briefcase five. It’s sitting on the center computer console.

Briefcase # 7

This case is sitting on the computer station in the middle of the room where you pick up your first MP5 Pulse Cannon - don’t forget the cannon's secondary fire only works at close range.

Briefcase # 4

After fighting the Kraken the first time, you’ll descend into a large room in an elevator. The case is lying on the floor, in the open, in the second section of this large room.

Briefcase # 8

After exiting the base and discovering San Francisco has been destroyed, you’ll fight through several waves of enemies. Briefcase eight is lying in the open, to the left of a ramp you go up just before you drop the doctor off at the helicopter.

Briefcase # 3

After you pick up the inhibitors the base will begin imploding. Don’t lose your head and you’ll find this case lying on the ground in a series of long hallways. Take your time (the base won’t really be destroyed). It’s easy to run past this one if you aren’t looking around.

Chapter 2

Briefcase # 9

This case is at the far end of the logging camp, just before you jump off the bridge into the stream. Be careful not to jump before you grab this case, since there’s no way to get back up – soldiers don’t like climbing.

Briefcase # 10

After schlepping up a river you’ll arrive at a small town in the forest. Briefcase ten is in a house you must go through in the center of town. It’s on the top floor, so be careful not to fall through the hole in the floor before you pick it up.