Resistance 2 Complete Briefcase Guide

Briefcase # 17

After a short swimming section, you’ll have a quick fight across a flooded section of road. Briefcase seventeen is hidden in a room in the building on your side of the flood. Make sure you don’t leapfrog across the cars in the water before you pick up this briefcase.

Chapter 6

Briefcase # 18

After entering the underground base, you’ll run past two hellfire cannons and have the choice of two hallways. Make sure you enter the hallway on the right. With a little exploring, you’ll find a room with blue lockers. The case is on a bench behind some of the lockers.

Chapter 7

Briefcase # 19

This case is in the attic of the large mansion in the swamp. It’s sitting next to the LARP, so you can’t miss it.

Briefcase # 20

This case is on the second floor of the riverboat in one of the small rooms. It’s next to a dead soldier - he was a good man.

Nov 5, 2008