Call of Duty: World at War - Death Card Guide


Effect: Again, not body armor for you. Enemies will die by headshot only.

Location: Ring of Steel

Enter the asylum, and move to the left as safely as you can. You can almost make out the tip of the helmet over the wall. Move into the enclave and find your Death Card next to a slumped soldier.


Effect: Billed as “a different kind of war.” Enemies are now back from the dead.

Location: Eviction

Move past the German infested kitchen and approach the firefight on the balcony. Slip to the right and drop through the hole in the floor. Against the wall in the exploderized bathroom below is where you’ll find your Death Card.


Effect: You can now shoot your downed co-op buddies to revive them.

Location: Blowtorch & Corkscrew

Emerge from the caves, grab the Satchel charges and get ready to take out some 200MM gun bunkers. After you blow up the first bunker, head to the left of the level. You’ll see a crude stone structure housing a hanging corpse and a Death Card.