Call of Duty: World at War - Death Card Guide


Effect: Enemies take their weapons into the great beyond. No more dropped guns = extremely scarce ammunition.

Location: Vendetta

Right after following Reznov into the first building, wait for him to open up access to the bar. Before following him into the next room, look carefully behind the bar and you’ll find a Death Card in the far corner.


Effect: Say goodbye to firearms – you’re armed with nothing but a knife and rocks?

Location: Their Land, Their Blood

After disposing of a tank, sit tight for the short cinema in a barn. Before exiting, head into the first stable on the right and you’ll find a Death Card staked next to a rotting cow corpse.

Card #6: VAMPIRE

Effect: Your health is only recharged by killing enemies, or vampirically...

Location: Burn ‘Em Out

After burn-inating the first mortar hold, head back and to the left towards the second. Take out the embedded machine gunners, and all the other baddies in the area while keeping an eye out for a darkened bunker on the left. If you’ve hit the second mortar stronghold, you’ve gone too far.


Effect: Not as in your Flak Jacket. Enemies will now take less grenade damage.

Location: Relentless

Head into the caves and once you dispose of your Japanese aggressors note that your pathways fork. Staying to the left is easier, but both paths lead to the same place. Either way, a small hallway bridges both pathways and contains a Death Card right in the middle.