Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 allegedly referenced in DMCA strikes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
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'Call of Duty 2023' has allegedly been referenced in new DMCA strikes on Twitter.

As reported by VGC, over the past few days, several Twitter users have been posting what they claim to be details of the unannounced Call of Duty game set to launch later this year – Modern Warfare 3. Activision has allegedly sent DMCA strikes blocking their Twitter accounts, reportedly referencing 'Call of Duty 2023' while doing so.

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This is as good as confirmation that the information posted online about the unannounced game is accurate, if Activision is going to such lengths. Users have been posting details like weapons and loadout systems from 2023's Call of Duty, which VGC hypothesizes originates from an internal test for the game.

What's more, the Call of Duty Twitter account suddenly tweeted the below yesterday on July 17 out of nowhere. There's been zero mention of 2023's Call of Duty from Activision channels up until now, and this is the first time a public-facing channel from the publisher has ever even acknowledged a new Call of Duty game is coming this year.

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The wording of the tweet is also a really good indicator that 2023's Call of Duty will be a continuation of 2022's Modern Warfare 2, the first game referenced above. If gear is actually going to carry over into the 2023 game, it'd make sense for it to be Modern Warfare 3, in other words a direct continuation of the story and setting established in last year's game.

Activision first began commenting on Call of Duty 2023 last year in November, calling it a "full premium release." The publisher doubled down on that comment in February earlier this year, and a Federal judge accidentally leaked Call of Duty 2023's release month earlier this month in July, revealing it'd be launching later this year in November. 

The entire thing has been quite messy and incredibly drawn out, considering it started nearly nine months ago at this point. One good point to note about Activision's franchise is that Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation consoles until 2033, as Microsoft and Sony finally struck an agreement on the hotly debated franchise exclusivity. 

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