Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare collectible weapons location guide

The smell of gunpowder in the air. The sound of your ears ringing while someone helps you to your feet. The sight of a fighter jet rocketing into space - wait, what? Yup, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has gone full sci-fi and headed to the stars as Infinity Ward drops 2013’s Ghosts in favour of an interstellar war with an angry Jon Snow and Conor ‘You’ll do nutin’ McGregor.

The classic intel packages of old have finally been dropped, with this year’s must have collectible now in the form of weapons. Well, this is a shooter after all. There are 22 base models in the game, spread across the game’s main and side-missions but only 17 of these have fixed locations. That means five will spawn at random - for those ones we’ve marked them with a RANDOM WARNING.

As always, SPOILER WARNING ALERT: This guide will contain potential spoilers for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare campaign so finish the story before you read any further if you want to experience it fresh…

Main mission: Black Sky

Collectible weapon #1: Karma-45 (SMG)

The first of the game’s two weapons is available for pick-up as soon as you take control in the first main mission, Black Sky. Remember those two SDF troopers you just shot to hell on the front of your ship? When you jump out, you’ll find the Karma-45 sat on the floor directly in front of you.

Collectible weapon #2: Volk (assault)

The Volk is one of the most common assault rifles found in game - which is good because it packs a serious punch. To add it your Armoury, you’ll find it to the left of the ship as you disembark (the other trooper you killed at the very beginning of the mission was carrying it).

Collectible weapon #3: EMC (handgun)

RANDOM ALERT: This is the first of the game’s weapons to appear at random, but it’s also a common weapon so it’s easy to find. A good tactic in the first mission is to shoot enemies enough to down them, forcing them to pull out a handgun. We found ours at the top of the stairs in the opening annex.

Collectible weapon #4: KBAR-32 (assault)

Another relatively common weapon found early on, the KBAR-32 can be found waiting for once you open the gate to streets of Geneva. You’ll know you’re in the right place as Salter will pass you a grenade just before you go through. The rifle is on the floor directly in front of you.

Collectible weapon #5: RAW (LMG)

Following the huge dust cloud set-piece, you’ll fight your way through the smog and a few robot drop pods until you get to a long alleyway with high walls. When you reach the end you’ll find a courtyard with a big fountain in the middle. Leaning against the wall next to a dead soldier is the powerful (but slow to reload) RAW machine gun.

Main mission: Operation Port Armor

Collectible weapon #6: F-SpAr Torch (heavy)

Following the first battle with the shield-toting SDF bot, lift up the door with Salter, use your newly-acquired shield to take out the enemies directly in front of you then turn left. You’ll encounter another shield bot in close quarters this time - use grenades and energy rifle fire to bring it down quickly. The weapon it drops is your next collectible.

Collectible weapon #7: Mauler (LMG)

Once you reach the airlock and remove your broken helmet, follow the trooper into the armoury, head through the scanner, turn left and open the door. Your next weapon and collectible, the Mauler, will be on a rack at the back of the room (there’s a pair so you can’t miss them).

Collectible weapon #8: Reaver (shotgun)

The next weapon and collectible couldn’t be located any nearer to the last one. While looking at the rack with the Mauler you just picked up, turn left and you’ll see another highlighted rack. Move over then press and hold Square/X to pick up the meaty Reaver shotgun.

Collectible weapon #9: Type-2 (assault)

RANDOM ALERT: Another weapon that will appear randomly whenever an enemy is carrying an assault rifle, the nasty little Type-2 can be found across both main missions and side missions. We found ours during the Operation D-Con side mission above Venus. We’ve also seen it in the hidden armoury towards the end of the Operation Port Armor mission (just before you enter the hangar you leave from).

Side-mission: Operation Taken Dagger

Collectible weapon #10: R3K (assault)

Head on over to the side mission entitled Operation Taken Dagger (you’ll find it on the far-right of the galaxy map) and assault the outside of the SDF ship. Once you’ve breached it and entered the hold, head across the room to your left. You’ll see a wall of racked weapons bathed in an amber light. On the left-hand side you’ll find collectible weapon number ten: the R3K assault rifle.

Collectible weapon #11: DCM-8 (shotgun)

You won’t have to stray far to find your next gun if you’ve just collected weapon number 10 (the R3K assault rifle). Simple move along to the rank positioned to the right of the one where you found the R3K and you’ll find a set of weapons including the nasty DCM-8 shotgun. Grab it to add it to your personal armoury.

Collectible weapon #12: P-LAW (heavy/special)

The P-LAW is a super-powerful charged energy weapon that’s ideal against heavily armoured or shielded bot enemies, and it can be found towards the end of the Operation Taken Dagger side-mission. In fact, you can’t miss it as it’s the main objective of the mission. You’ll find it at the end of the armoury with the conveyer belts full of missiles. Hack the door at the end and you’ll find it on a table waiting for you.

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