Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer quick start guide

Contracts are another way to earn CP. You can start taking out contracts when you reach Level 5. You buy a contract for a small amount of CP, and are rewarded with a big bonus when you complete the terms. They%26rsquo;re available in three categories, Mercenary, Operations and Specialist. You can have one active contract in each category at a time. Some contracts can be completed multiple times, but have a 24-hour cool-off period before you can buy them again.

Above: Operations Contracts focus on specific match types

To maximize your CP, make sure you always have a few active contracts going. Always Be Closing. When you%26rsquo;re just starting out, grab the low-hanging fruit like Steel Meets Spine (Knife an enemy in the back) to quickly turn 25 CP into 150. Don%26rsquo;t forget to buy the easy ones again when the 24-hour waiting period expires! Some of the more difficult contracts will also give you an XP bonus. For example, you can buy the Shotgun Shock contract (Get 2 kills in one life with the Masterkey attachment) for 100 CP. You have 40 minutes of game time to complete it, and it earns you 400 CP plus 400 XP!

As you level up, more demanding Contracts become available in all three categories. And even better, after launch Treyarch will periodically add brand new contracts to the mix to keep things interesting.