How to watch the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gameplay reveal in Warzone

(Image credit: Activision)

Missed out on the Call of Duty: Warzone reveal event? Don't worry, we managed to get in there so you can catch up on it here. Check out the Black Ops Cold War reveal below, alongside the new trailer, where we take through step-by-step of what was in the incredible reveal. 

On top of that, here's everything we currently know about the Black Ops Cold War: 

The new playlist for Warzone rolled out worldwide across all platforms at 10:30am PDT / 1:30 EDT / 6:30pm BST and lasted for an hour. It introduced a new Contract that saw players having to complete five steps to earn their freedom. On top of that, players could also earn in-game items, such as the Bay of Pigs rifle blueprint, which Black Ops character Frank Woods hands to you at the end of the event. 

This follows the Season 5 Reloaded update that went live ahead of Call of Duty: Games of Summer, so don't think all the fun in Verdansk is now over. After the reveal, we also discovered that Frank Woods will be coming to Warzone as a pre-order bonus, alongside the existence of the Black Ops Cold War cross-gen bundle.

With Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War set to come to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC from November 13, make sure you head back to GamesRadar for all the latest news on the next entry in the series. 

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