Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA codename revealed as players boot up Red Door demo

(Image credit: Activision)

The Black Ops Cold War mystery tied into The Red Door sightings has taken another turn, with some players reportedly being able to boot up the enigmatic demo.

The Red Door has shown up on both the Microsoft Store and on PlayStation Network in recent weeks, in the latter case with a content ID tag of "COD2020INTALPHA1". Screenshots are now circulating from Call of Duty fans who claim they've been able to download and start The Red Door, revealing both the title screen and a potential new development codename: Call of Duty Black Ops CIA.

The Red Door will reportedly load to the point of a title screen, showing the title "Call of Duty: Black Ops" in front of the seal of the US Central Intelligence Agency and various redacted records in the background. After that, the game will stop and ask you to either insert a disc or log in with an account that has the rights for playing it.

As for the new title of Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA, it's unlikely meant to be the final name for the game - though it does reinforce the idea that this year's Call of Duty will delve even deeper into a semi-fictionalized world of secrets and subterfuge. The brief synopsis spotted for The Red Door teases that there's "more than one truth" and people who go searching for answers must accept that "nothing will ever be the same".

It's unusual for Activision to have gone this far into the year without releasing any official details about the next Call of Duty. But with these leaks ramping up and details coalescing, we may not have to wait much longer to find out more.

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