Call of Duty 3 reports to PS3 front

American PS3 owners won't be denied a chance to cower whimpering in the Normandy mud while shells thunder around them, thanks to the upcoming port of Call of Duty 3. Click the Movies tab above for Sony's Gamer's Day teaser trailer.

Having recently re-experienced the absolute screaming chaos of battle in the 360 version, we're a little concerned that the PS3 version hasn't been given as much time in the oven - with at least one layer of grime and gritty detail missing. Even so, it's no visual slouch and the deafening sound of the battlefield is just as strong.

Above: Detail on uniforms is still superb - though you'll sometimes have trouble picking friend and foe apart by their gear.

But there's still a little time for the developer to iron out the creases, starch the collars and polish the boots - COD3 should be appearing on PS3 in time for its November launch.