Cage Junior is an Enigma

Like an over-stimulated toddler in a branch of Toys ‘R’ Us, now that Nic Cage has been allowed to grasp his dream of playing a comic book character (Ghost Rider), he just can’t get enough of the fun, and is grabbing projects to consider in the future.

Two such films are currently vying for his attention – and one has a home advantage. Because Enigma is a tale that the actor cooked up with his 15-year-old son, Weston.

It’s a voodoo-flavoured story of a detective investigating a serial killer’s bloody results in New Orleans. As he digs deeper into the case, our hero discovers that the murders are connected to a violent plantation uprising that occurred during the American Confederacy. A zombie serial killer? Bring it on! "Weston has always been a huge inspiration to me," Cage blabbed to Variety. "His creativity is fresh, original and on the pulse of what is happening now. In a world which needs more spiritually minded superheroes, Weston's Enigma emerges."

Enigma has already been sold to Virgin Comics, and will appear next March in a five-part series. Sony is also planning a film for Cage to star in.

And the comics company is dangling another of its titles hoping to nab the actor’s attention. Virgin Comics co-founder Deepak Chopra is adapting his own son Gotham’s story, The Sadhu for the screen. If Cage signs on, he’ll be playing James Jenson, who arrives in India during the British colonial rule and becomes a spiritual warrior.

So that’s the way to get your comic published and turned into a film – have a famous dad! Wonder if Martin Scorsese’s looking to adopt. And adapt…

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