Bungie excited by player ingenuity in Destiny but prefer it if you didnt cheese anything

Mmm, there's cheese, then there's ripe, Engram-matured Destiny cheese. Yes, when it comes to Raids and Strikes, we all love exploiting those special places so we can stock up Spinmetal Emmental. Now, with Destiny almost a year into its lifespan, and with its first major expansion The Taken King (with its new big bad, Oryx) almost upon us, what does the team at Bungie think of all that player 'ingenuity'?

In the latest issue of GamesMaster, executive producer Mark Noseworthy explains the team's reaction is part admiration, part collective groan. "It’s both really. We’re always excited by player ingenuity, particularly when they make the game do things we didn’t they make the game do things we didn’t anticipate (and indeed couldn’t have)," he says. "Of course it’s more exciting when players find a new way to enjoy the sandbox we’ve created, leveraging the mechanics of the game in new ways (as opposed to the networking limitations of the internet).

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