Bubble Trouble Cheats

Bubble Trouble Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by LIL_MINX

    Level Codes

    Level 1 - ourcon
    Level 2 - scienc
    Level 3 - eshoul
    4 - dbeour
    5 - onlygu
    6 - idebec
    7 - auseno
    8 - bodyme
    9 - ntione
    10 - srealp
    11 - roblem
    12 - sbecau
    13 - sewhen
    14 - people
    15 - solvet
    16 - hemthe
    17 - ydonts
    18 - eethem
    19,20 and 21 - anymor

Bubble Trouble Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Bonus Stuff

    Ok.Don't try this code on level 3 or below, because it won't do you much good. What you do is press fire and control at the same time. You should probably do this cheat with the squiggly line. I haven't tried it with Xon rays (the blue things) or the probe (the green thing.) The control and fire cheat doesn't always work. And when it does, sometimes it works against you.
    One time I tried it and my little cat person disappeared. Another time it re-started the level. But when it got re-started, I only shot the ball once and the level was over. I got a bunch of points. Don't try it on a high level like 17, because if you disappear, then you have to re-start the game. I think that this code is definitely worth a try.