Breath of the Wild speedrunner beats the game 50 times in a single day

Breath of the Wild
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Another day, another mind boggling Breath of the Wild speedrunner accomplishment. This time, some absolute mad lad managed to beat the whole game 50 times in a single day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this new achievement was accomplished by the same speedrunner who previously set the record for beating the game in 25 minutes. Now, Player 5 managed to make that time his average and run through the game a whopping 50 times in a 24-hour period. You can watch the entire stream, which actually only lasts for just under 23 hours, right here.

Player 5's quickest run clocked in at 24:16, while his average was 25:23 - pretty darn consistent. But what really impresses me is how, after almost 24 hours of almost non-stop gaming, Player 5 finishes the game for the 50th time and accomplishes his mission, only to calmly take out his headphones looking no more worse for wear than he was at the start of the video, a whole calendar day prior. No celebrations or cries of relief, just a satisfied smile. He does let out a subtle yawn, but he's shockingly cool and collected about the whole thing. I suppose when you make a name for yourself beating a game very quickly you get used to the whole thing eventually.

I'm amazed that after six years in one of the most active speedrunning communities out there, folks are still finding new records to break in Breath of the Wild. Not to mention all of the little details still being discovered, like the poor Chuchus' inability to swim.

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