Breath of the Wild players are worryingly giddy to learn Chuchus can't swim

Breath of the Wild blue Chuchus
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A number of Breath of the Wild players are discovering that Chuchus can't swim even a little bit, and they're worringly happy to watch them suffer an agonizing death by drowning.

Chuchus are a relatively harmless enemy in Breath of the Wild. The jelly-like blobs are easy and unfussy to kill, and they produce jellies that you can turn into elixirs or bring to the Great Fairy Fountain to upgrade your armor. That's why I quickly became concerned scrolling through the replies to this Reddit thread, started by a long-time player who had just discovered you can drown Chuchus by luring them into a body of water and letting Hyrulian mother nature do the dirty work.

"Just discovered this funny little thing on my own! I love this game," said sneakestlink, captioning a video of a Chuchu fighting for its life and then imploding beneath the water line.

just_discovered_this_funny_little_thing_on_my_own from r/botw

Instead of expressing horror at what is clearly a gruesome crime of passion, the Redditors reacted with a gleeful cheer. "Omg i had no idea thank you for posting!" said The BlooDred (opens in new tab). Some even pointed and laughed at the Chuchu. "Lol. Nice," said Brokenwrench7 (opens in new tab)

"So cool, now do it with a green one!" said SGVishome (opens in new tab).

Who hurt y'all, and why was it a blue Chuchu? You know you can kill them with a single strike of a tree branch, right? Treasure Octoroks, on the other hand, I'd love nothing more than to hold every last one of them underwater until the bubbles stop, but that's another point entirely.

I should note that one blue Chuchu was harmed in the making of this story. For scientific verification, of course. And no, I won't show you the video, Reddit.

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