Brahmin experiments are the new endgame activity that players have invented in Fallout 76

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Fallout 76, the online RPG from Bethesda Softworks, has a long and impressive roadmap of content ahead of it for 2019 and beyond, but high level players are still bereft of things to do in the game as of now. 

This probably explains why the community has resorted to such activities as trapping hapless wanderers into Deathclaw mazes or mailing Bobby Pins to Todd Howard, but a new trend is rising across the wasted landscapes of West Virginia, and it involves Fallout's infamous irradiated cow species, the Brahmin. 

It first started in March earlier this year, when a player by the name of Vault101manguy - aggravated about a recent update which would no longer let them build settlements in the town of Flatwoods - began to use Brahmin corpses as a siege weapon, since their ragdoll cadavers make for great projectiles when combined with a makeshift catapult. 

But the fun didn't stop there. A few days later, that same Fallout 76 wanderer used their newfound discovery of dead cow physics to create the game of "Brahmin Toss: The Fastest Growing Sport in Appalachia." 

Using the same method deployed for their cattle-based siege on Flatwoods, Vault101manguy established a giant darts board with which to launch Brahmin into for sport, complete with a points system and everything. 

Which leads us nicely to "Brahmin Disco", otherwise known as the hottest nightclub in all of Appalachia. Not content with their siege and sport pastimes, aswiftkickinthejunk set up an electrifying dancefloor which uses Brahmin corpses as a sort of background effect to the light show generated by the pylons. 

Is it morbid? Yes. Extremely inhumane? It's hard to deny. Will I finally be picking up Fallout 76 specifically to go and blow off some steam with a bunch of dead cows? I couldn't possibly comment. 

Goodness knows what's next for the poor Brahmin of Fallout 76. Hopefully Bethesda releases its next big content drop sooner rather than later, if only to stop the mad, cascading exploitation of cattle by the game's increasingly fatigued playerbase. Someone stop Vault101manguy before he finds a way to turn Brahmin into nuclear warheads. 

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