Borderlands movie is like "nothing you've ever seen" says Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart has been talking up the Borderlands movie adaptation, saying it's "like nothing you've ever seen."

Speaking to Collider recently, Hart commented on life on the set of the Borderlands movie in Budapest, Hungary, as well as the visuals of the upcoming movie. "He truly is knocking this movie out the park," Hart says of director Eli Roth. "And I can say visually, it's like nothing you've ever seen."

Elsewhere in the interview, Hart reveals that he actually went and trained with Navy SEALS in order to land the part of Roland in the Borderlands movie. When Roth told the actor and comedian that, if he could "show up prepared" he'd land the role, Hart went and trained with the Navy SEALS, to the point where he was getting "real good" with both firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

Additionally, Hart revealed that there's "no comedy," with his role of Roland in the Borderlands movie. "This is me stepping into action full speed ahead, no comedy. I'm responsible for the action," Hart told Collider, perhaps pointing to the actor taking on a very different role than how we're used to him being used as comic relief in movies like Jumanji and Hobbs & Shaw.

The Borderlands movie is still shooting right now in Budapest, as revealed by developer Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford over the last weekend when he toured the set as part of E3 2021. We're still yet to see any footage or official images of the Borderlands movie adaptation, but over the past few weeks actors like Jamie Lee Curtis have been teasing silhouettes of characters like Roland.

If you aren't familiar with the cast behind Roth's movie, it's looking pretty impressive. So far, Cate Blanchett will play Commander Lillith, Jack Black will step into the role of Claptrap, Jamie Lee Curtis will play Dr. Tannis, and Ariana Greenblatt will portray the eccentric Tiny Tina. Janina Gavankar will play Commander Knoxx, a brand new character created specifically for Roth's adaptation.

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