Borderlands 3's Bounty of Blood DLC is live

(Image credit: Gearbox)

The third of four planned Borderlands 3 expansions is live now, taking players to a desert planet called Gehenna for a Western-style bounty hunt. The DLC also adds a new vehicle, four new combat-related objects, new missions and challenges, and of course a load of new loot.

"The sheriff of Vestige on the harsh frontier planet of Gehenna has issued a bounty on the violent, beast-riding Devil Riders gang, and it's time to collect. The townsfolk are tough as hell and will do what they can to help, but it falls on you to take the fight to the Devil Riders. Put them in the ground so the town can be rebuilt and folks can get back on their feet," reads the expansion's PR.

The new JetBeast hoverbike can be customized with machine guns and mortars to make you both faster and deadlier. Likewise, some of the new interactive objects include Traitorweed, which can be shot to temporarily turn enemies into allies, and Breezebloom, which you'll use to boost yourself up to previously out-of-reach heights. And naturally, there will be plenty of Western-themed loot to collect from your fallen foes.

The DLC, which is included with the season pass and can also be purchased separately, comes accompanied by patch that includes a free level cap increase for all players and tweaks the endgame leveling system. Check the full Borderlands 3 patch notes to see every little update and bug fix.

The fourth and final Borderlands 3 DLC is due out in September.

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