This Borderlands 3 mod uses a simple shading trick to turn Pandora into Limbo

Vibrant cel-shaded characters and varied environments make Borderlands 3 a good-looking game (once you get past all the desert), but if you ever wish your loot-shooting exploits could reflect the deep darkness in your soul, I've got the mod for you. Or if you just wish that every game could look more like Limbo, that other creepy platformer from the makers of Inside, this will work too.

The Borderlands 3 Limbo mod by RedxYeti removes all color and detail from the game world, leaving behind only solid silhouettes in shades of gray. It sounds like an ambitious total conversion of all the in-game assets, but it's really a simple repurposing of something Borderlands 3 (and most other 3D games) already have: a depth buffer.

To shorten a long technical description, depth buffers are what 3D engines use to determine how far objects are from the camera. This way the engine knows which elements to "draw" on top of one another, so you never have to worry about that craggy peak in the distance obstructing the view of your handgun (and giving you a total mindf$#% in the process). You don't typically see the depth buffer itself in games, just the final rendered image it helps create. This mod uses the Reshade tool - which supports many other games - to display the depth buffer instead, rendering distant objects as brighter and close objects as darker.

The end result is something that looks very eerie - and if you're a fan of Playdead's games - like Limbo. Viewing Borderlands 2's depth buffer yields similarly desolate results. 

It's cool, it's creepy, and it gives you a little more appreciation of all the technical tricks that go into making a game world that just seems real. Or in the case of Borderlands' cartoonish, chaotic world, real-ish.

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Connor Sheridan

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