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Borderlands 3 is offering an in-game mask cosmetic for donations to COVID-19 relief

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

Gearbox Software has just announced a fundraiser for Direct Relief (opens in new tab) where a $5 donation to the organization gets you a digital mask for your Borderlands 3 character.

"The project gives millions of video gamers stuck in their homes across the globe a chance to support something important, like ongoing emergency healthcare efforts," reads the official press release.

Direct Relief provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to medical workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Frontline workers nationwide have spoken out about protective equipment shortages and the desperate need for more supplies. Thomas Tighe of Direct Relief says of the partnership with Gearbox that, "this campaign and these contributions are coming at a critical time in the pandemic. While states are opening, we continue to see surges in the spread of Coronavirus and there is still a need to provide PPE for frontline healthcare workers. Direct Relief is deeply grateful to Gearbox for its partnership.”

Direct Relief doesn't just provide PPE and medication to healthcare workers, but also supports nonprofit organizations and public health agencies across the US and worldwide with equipment distribution. 

The "Antisocial Mask" pack comes with two different masks - one purple and one army green. Make a $5 donation made through the Gearbox Loot (opens in new tab) website and you'll get a SHiFT code that gives you both masks. They may not make the game any easier, but it'll certainly help your character look even more badass and will remind your teammates that you helped a great cause. 

The gaming community has continued to step up for COVID-19 relief. Here's the many ways  the video game industry is helping coronavirus relief efforts (opens in new tab)

Alyssa Mercante
Alyssa Mercante

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