Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest rewards and release date revealed in spooky new trailer

The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Halloween event will kick off on Thursday, October 24, Gearbox announced today. It will run through to Tuesday, November 5, giving players just under two weeks to collect the full set of seasonal loot, including a new Legendary weapon, Vault Hunter skins, grenade and shields mods, and more. No matter your level, as long as you've cleared the first act of the campaign, you'll be able to participate in the event. 

As Gearbox revealed earlier this year, Bloody Harvest is tied to a new NPC named Maurice, who will appear in the Sanctuary 3 hub on October 24. Maurice will offer a repeatable mission that challenges you to acquire Hectoplasm by defeating the new Haunted enemies that will appear all over the galaxy throughout the event. Once you get enough Hectoplasm, you'll be able to access Heck, a new level which is home to Captain Haunt, a special boss based on Captain Traunt from the main campaign. 

"Your enemies in Heck have a chance to drop gear that will only be available during Bloody Harvest, including Fearmonger, a new Legendary shotgun that packs a supernatural punch," Gearbox explained in an accompanying blog post. "You might also find Anointed weapons that play off the new Terror mechanic introduced in Bloody Harvest. Haunted enemies can inflict the Terror debuff, which will affect your aim and partially cloud your vision - but with these new Anointed effects, you can turn Terror into a beneficial boost of power." 

Outside of Heck, you can unlock more creepy cosmetics by completing Bloody Harvest Challenges. These include skins for each Vault Hunter, a ghostly weapon skin, a shrunken head weapon trinket, and a Bloody Harvest ECHO skin. Here's a look at the new skins: 

(Image credit: Gearbox )

Our Borderlands 3 Captain Traunt guide ought to translate pretty well to Captain Haunt. We're looking forward to beating him and adding the Fearmonger shotgun to our list of the best Borderlands 3 Legendaries.  

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