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Blurry video claims to be of the rumored 'PlayStation phone'

There's a video floating around the glorious internet which claims to show off the much-rumored "PlayStation phone."

It comes from Greek gadget blog, and is titled "spy video," so we presume it's meant to be from a top-secret event which prohibited recording.

Of course, it's blurry, from somewhat far away, and you can barely see what's happening on the screen. But if it were actually a good, quality video then we wouldn't be able to make fun of it, so... LOL at the bad covert videographer.

We are, however, able to see that it's... running Android (just like the rumors said!), and since that's about it, the phone could easily be an Xperia x10.

The same blog also posted some textual details about the phone, which will apparently be called the Sony Ericsson Z1. Perhaps Sony wants to avoid calling it a "PlayStation Phone" to keep from alienating non-gamers. I personally think that's a mistake, but who cares about my opinion on a sketchy rumor? So here's more sketchy rumors - the tech spec rundown, according to the blog:

- 1 GHz processor
- 8 MP camera
- 512 MB RAM
- 1 GB ROM
- Android 2.3

The price will allegedly be around $500, which may or may not be the after-contract price (probably not, we'd guess). But it will apparently come with five free games. PlayStation Phone exclusive games? Will it be able to run downloaded PSP titles? What else can it do?

Those are all questions we'll have to wait for Sony to answer. The company may as well just make it official at this point... then at least we could stop scouring Greek blogs for unsubstantiated claims.

[Source: (Greek)]

Dec 2, 2010